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1 Million TORUS coins SOLD OUT

Our PRIVATE SALE had finished on 31, April, 2018.
A total of 1 million TORUS coins were pre-saled and the total volume was attributed to institutional and corporate investors.
In July 2018, TORUS is preparing for the Public ICO, which will open up opportunities for investment by ordinary investors.

Whitepaper of TORUS



Provides guidance on future plans for TORUS

It shows you how TORUS is growing up.
I want you to join me on the road to innovation that TORUS is about to take.
TORUS will explore a new route that no other coin has taken.
The future plans for TORUS are as follows :



Jan 2017

Planning of establishment

Jul 2017

Complete the fund-raising for TEAM TORUS

Jan 2018

Organizing and Preparing to launch TORUS COIN

Feb 2018

End of sale for foundation

Mar 2018

Private sale scheduled for secret organizations

Mar 2018

Limited pre-sales for individuals(Unable: USA, China, Korea)

Jun 2018

Activating Beta test net(Wallet generation & TORUS distribution)

Jul 2018

Starting public ICO of TORUS

Sep 2018

Listing on the international exchange & starting of TORUS trading

Dec 2018

Opening the exchange of TORUS & starting of 1st coin integration

Mar 2019

Starting to operate Main Net

Jan 2020

Establishment and activation of TORUS ecosystem

The Characteristic of TORUS

TORUS is a platform coin
TORUS has three distinct characteristics from existing coins

Coin Absorption

Coin Absorption

TORUS absorbs existing weakened coins. It absorbs the coins and grows the coin's power. System ensures that the new owners of coins are not disadvantaged. Methods of absorption include challenge, holding and incineration.

Merger & Acquisition

Merger & Acquisition

TORUS absorbs existing coins and issues TORUS to the value of the coin absorbed. The number of existing coins is also increased to the value of 1+1 each time another coin is absorbed. This is the process of coin M&A.

Value of Longtail

Value of Longtail

As the number of users who have TORUS increases, the total amount of TORUS increases. TORUS has a system based on the long-tail rule that results in more value than the top 20 % by absorbing 80 % of sub-coins that are difficult to recover.

Watch the course of TORUS, Action!

You can view video content related to TORUS.
If you have questions about the marketing or technology of TORUS,
you can answer that question by watching the video.
I hope you will be able to look forward and interested in
the continued challenge of TORUS.


Introducing the most awesome and powerful team in the universe



The Mastermind

Who will lead the new coin era based on his unlimited affection for coin & block chain technology



Technical lead

Managing all technical directors and supervising the overall technical development of the company



Chief Manager

Chief Manager who covers internal HR / Executive Management and customer satisfaction services



Creative head

Director who is always thinking differently to refresh the team and present a roadmap for improvement



Sales Manager

Best performer who is cynical but best at best finds what customers want and makes a profit for the company

Super team

Super team

Marketing group

Countless Superman players in the Super Team, which is in charge of marketing for TORUS, are expanding the scope of TORUS

Secret men

Secret men

Advisory group

There is a secret advisory group that helps TORUS take the right path. They think about the future of TORUS in an invisible place


TORUS has largely benchmarked in 4 areas.
We have adopted and developed excellent enterprises in management, technology, marketing, and systems.
In the future, TORUS will try to build its own ecosystem to maximize strengths and compensate for weaknesses.


We create Awesome Coin 'TORUS'

A strong energy union that strengthens the forces of the Coin world

TORUS is basically circular. The shape of the doughnut, with holes in it, is a symbol of what happens when a plasma is wrapped around it and covers the surface with a magnetic line. This is an expression of our willingness to concentrate the power of the coin world to communicate smoothly between the coins as a key assembly of strong energy.

  • Unity of Coin Integration and Energy Cohesion in the Coin World
  • Decentralization of Decision Phase within a Chain
  • Conductive force always to change and develop
  • Immortality that can exist forever through chain integration


We create Awesome Coin 'TORUS'